Sally Tebb & Lynn Benson


Sally Tebb  -  'Universal Soul 1'
Sally Tebb - 'Universal Soul 1'


October 27th - November 25th 2018


Preview 1 -4 pm Oct 27th

Refreshments Served



An Exhibition of new work to be shown at two venues


Morten Gallery 40 High Street, Old Town, Bridlington
Alex May Gallery 15 High Street, Old Town Bridlington


 Lynn Benson - Digitally printed Scarf Collection
Lynn Benson - Digitally printed Scarf Collection


Serendipity: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy and benficial way.

Sally's work is clearly abstract but is often influenced by the landscape - usually the plain of Holderness. In her paintings she tries to encapsulate the resonances, echoes and energies not only from the past but also the present. She describes herself as an Abstract Representationalist.

Lynn reviewed Sally's new 2018 painting collection, selecting areas of the paintings to produce repeat patterns to be printed on to a variety of fabrics.
The large scale prints on cushions and bags give the onlooker an appreciation of how Sally applies paint and layering techniques to build up her paintings. The two metre long scarves give a different perspective by reducing the scale of the selected areas of the painting into a vertical and horizontal repeat pattern.
The small collection of repeat pattern printed edge to edge jackets and coats with simple lines are enhanced by the scale of the prints and the fullness within the garment design.